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Holy junk, Batman!

So this weekend I was in Grants Pass, visiting Whitepaws and fetching my junk.  6+ months and 130+ miles and its like Christmas in July.  I didn’t have nearly as much stuff as I thought I had but I sure forgot about a lot of it.  So I’ve been spending most of my time since last night settling all my crap in.  Its been interesting trying to sort through the mess.

My first stage has been trying to settle everything into their general areas.

I have my piano happily set up too ^-^

I have more books than my bookshelf has room for, so I took all the artsy stuff off my other bookshelf and have been putting extra books (mostly arts and crafts related, with notebooks and such) on it, and going to filter all my neato shit there (like my dremel, mancala set, CDs, odds and ends).

All my craft tubs are in the closet.  They’re not very accessible due to the horrible arrangement of pipes in there.  I’ve been trying to figure out where else I can put them.  I have a couple ideas but I’m not sure if I like said ideas…

Ummm so yeah.  At least I have room to sit and sleep now ^-^  I think it’ll all work out, it’ll just take a couple more days probably.

I’m seriously thinking of selling/getting rid of a bunch of my crafty stuff that I just haven’t been using.  I’ll end up with some empty craft tubs, which can maybe be sold/given also.  My art/craft focus has moved quite a bit to mixed media stuff and that seems to be my happy place.

Ok I better get back to sorting through crap!

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New furniture!

So this weekend I had the opportunity from my mom (who works at a senior living center place) to pick up a chest of drawers from this resident of hers that died.

So off I go to check it out and lo and behold this guy has some -nice- stuff.  (well, nice to me I suppose)

He had a trundle bed, nice little tv/night stand, bookcase, HUGE handsome chest of drawers and a pretty nice looking coat rack.  I took everything but the coat rack 🙂  I would have taken it but I already felt bad about taking more than I came for (also took a really cool ankh and gold pot leaf and peace sign that was hanging on his wall).  WTF, awesome old man?! I wish I knew him.  Really.

Since Sunday I’ve been fiddling with the furniture, trying to get things sorted out all nice-like.  The bed is SO comfy! The top mattress is harder than the bottom mattress.  I might try sleeping on the bottom one to see how that does for me.  But the top one is… christ… so comfy! I’ve been having a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings :-p (more so than I have, all my life).  I’m still tossing and turning but not quite as much, I think.  But no more inflatable mattress for me!

My room is looking like a real bedroom now.  O.O  And less like the art studio it started out as.

I got rid of the big ugly black table.  Well technically its still here, which is stored behind the futon.  But yeah.  I like the idea of keeping the futon as somewhere for people to plop when they come in to talk or cuddle up.

I would -love- to get rid of the futon for a love seat.  When Tiggy gets back from Anthrocon I want to ask what she thinks about exchanging the futon for the colorful love seat in the living room not ONLY because that would create more space in my room, but also so there will be something for a few furfags to crash on in the living room because it happens around here.  And because the black futon will go with the black love seat that’s already out there.  I don’t want to take the black one because my room is already freaking dark enough as it is >.>

Annnd I’ve already got an idea or two in mind for where I can put my piano if I decide to take it back (poor Whitepaws).  I’ll have to move my dresser just slightly but that’ll be ok.  I should be in Grants Pass a few days… starting hopefully Thursday, going to at least Sunday.  I’m hoping Whitepaws has some entertainment in mind ^-^

But yeah.  Wow… nice nice furniture for the win.  Everything has these good vibes all over them.  Its weird.  Who knew nice stuff like this could make a girl feel spiffy O.o

Ok… back to sorting stuff in my room and doing some housework!

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