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Cheap services: I haz it!

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a posting clamouring for money. If you can’t help out, plz to be passing this journal on ^-^

So as a way to try to save my webhosting, and to make new friends, and to have money to buy shit like… I don’t know… shampoo and toothpaste… I’m offering some cheap services.

No blowjobs. Sorry, I have a man now ^-^

What I’m offering:

$30 Cheap Web hosting
Includes your .com or .net. More bandwidth and storage than you can shake a stick at. No Twilight fansites or anything illegal is all I ask.

$5 ‘Tarded anthro drawlings: (example [link])
I will work on it for much longer than what you paid me for. We can discuss non-anthro or if you want some costume ideas like [link]

$10 Digital Coloring: (example [link] & [link])
Oh wow, something I’m good at and I LOVE doing it ^-^

$2 to $5 tweaked ID (example [link])
This is my new favorite thing to do. I’d be happy to spiff up a profile-type pic for ya, any size… for a furry profile type pic, make sure you have the rights to let me tweak it (like if it’s done by another artist…)

$10 and up Tarot card/etc readings
It’s been awhile, but people love a tarot reading. I can do numerology and such also.

$15 and up Mixed media art (such as [link])
Ask me about my collection of art, or something tailored to you :)

I accept Paypal and cold hard cash.

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I need to drop a few pounds

October 4, 2009 7 comments

Either that or get some poor unsuspecting soul to donate some clothes to me.

Over the past 6ish months, I’ve gained about 25 pounds.  This is great news because I was 100 pounds before and it was uncomfortable.  I’m about 5’5″,

My problem here though is that I don’t fit into any of my pants! I have one pair of capri type pants that still fit, but that’s basically it.  Everything else is too tight or just plain tight.  I’ve never really worn tight clothes in my life and I’m used to shit just hanging off my bones and constantly pulling my pants up.  Even my skirts are a bit tight around the waist.

So what I’m doing/going to be doing to get rid of a few pounds:

– No more half n half in my coffee (I found Mocha Mix to be a very delicious substitute!)

– No more cream cheese, butter & pesto in my sandwiches or noodles 😦

– I haven’t had toast in ages, which is the only time I really use butter, but I went and picked up some Country Crocker.  Is that… healthier?

– Back off on the sweets some (I’ve done this a little)

– Snack more, eat less huge meals

– Find someone to go on walks/bike riding/hiking with!

– Stop with the juice already! I picked up only 1 thing of juice on my last shopping trip.  I’m going to mainly drink tea (with honey), water or coffee for awhile.

Um… that’s all I can think of.  Basically I’m thinking of stuff that made me loose weight before (that was actually out of my control, was NOT by cohice) and I’m replicating it but to a more healthy degree.

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Rainfurrest ’09

September 21, 2009 2 comments

Ok so I went to my first and last furry convention eveh.

And its not really anything personal towards furries but… in general, I did not enjoy myself.  There wasn’t much to do that appealed to me, a non-furry.  I didn’t go there to meet anyone (from online, but lots of local furries were there). I didn’t have any money to blow, certainly wasn’t interested in commissioning… just…. I had no reason to be there but to get out of the house, you know?

The one writing panel I really wanted to go to was canceled and the pirate hat that Coug bought me was FUCKING STOLEN.  So yeah.

I had to get DRUNK to tolerate myself and other people.  Yeah, the issues… I haz them.

I’ve been to Chamber of Commerce cons before where I did the same thing.  Got drunk (first time by accident, I swear) in order to try to enjoy myself.

Oh! Friday night there was a crazy ass awesome dance with all sorts of glowy pretty things and awesome music.  Kudos to the DJs, they did awesomely.  And the dancing was crazy fun.

Seeing 2 the Ranting Gryphon was also awesome.  Those two things made the trip worthwhile, I think.  When we got there Thursday night, myself and some others actually got to chat up 2.  I think some of us didn’t realize who he was and I had never heard of him before except I think I saw his name on the con website.  He’s a pretty nice, sexy, levelheaded dude.  I didn’t realize he was a comedian until I heard all about it later.

He is so George Carlin’s replacement 🙂

Oh man, I wish I remembered all the snippets of conversation I heard as I was wandering around.  I know there were some very amusing ones.  The only one I remember was “Its ok, I wore a condom”.  Man, the drunker you are, the harder it is to keep a straight face 🙂

So some observations I made:

  • Didn’t seem to be a lot of raccoon-types floating around.  I demand more raccoons.
  • There are A LOT MORE FEMALE FURRIES than you motherfucking furries let on to! Where have you been hiding them all??
  • Not many tail rings.  Come on, people! More tail rings!
  • Lots of naked fursuits.  The ones that were dressed, from what I recall, had very awesome costumes.  This coming from someone who couldn’t possibly care less about fursuits.
  • Lots of bright blue and yellow (damnit, I would have so picked those colors), as well as purple and blue.
  • Rorschach was hot.
  • Not much cosplay.  I wasn’t expecting it but I saw a couple and thought that was pretty awesome.
  • Also, I can totally see where many many furry stereotypes come from.  *nodnod*

So yeah, kudos to Coug and Tiggy for feeding me.  Sorry I lost the tricorn hat.  Fucking furry thieves.

In hindsight, I really should have brought my big bag of art supplies.  My mixed media stuff.  To you know… shake things up a bit? I’d like to see some different arts going on with these furries.  Why don’t you people show off your non-anthro art? I would have been all over that! Then I’d fit in a bit.

So yeah, last furry con for me, ever.  Actually, I really don’t think I’d go to -any- other con ever again.  I don’t care WHAT the subject matter is.  Those places are not for me.  Its just a way to get out of the house and get drunk for one night and be cranky with everyone the whole time.

(I’m a friendly drunk, not so much sober)

I’m quite certain I have more I can add but I should go get some real sleep soon.

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Yay, hallucinations returned!

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Actually, its not very yay at all.

So I get these hallucinations when I’m sleeping (actually when I get in a sleep/wake limbo) and I hallucinate trippy shit.  This is usually triggred by stress.  I think.  Could be a bad diet or who knows what else.

Its been quite awhile since I’ve had this so when it happened last night, it freaked me out at first.  Might have happened on two or three occasions.

But the one time that I remember fairly well was pretty unique… I hallucinated some fink floral ball of stuff that reminds me of some of the fractals I’ve been making lately.  It was awesome! Well… would have been awesome if I wasn’t freaked out :-p  and I honestly was thinkitng someone had snuck into my room to mess with me somehow >.>  no one here would do that but I think I’ll start locking my door to give my brain a rest.

I don’t know what I’ve been stressing about this time.  Maybe its the chaotic energies of Fey moving.  Maybe its how I’ve been thinking too much about how if I get sick, I’m really fucked.  Dunno.

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my new babies

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Spiny mice! (need to find a new pic).

Fey (now ex-housemate) gave them to me because she moved and couldn’t take them with her.

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My Life According to Tori Amos

So I found this neato song meme.  This one made me think a lot.  I had a hard time choosing who to pick (Tori or Muse?).  Tori won because I figured it would be easier :-p

I think a different, insightful way to answer this would be to pick actual songs as answers, according to  what the song means to you.  Or answer with a lyric snippet.  There’s a lot of ways to deal with this one.

I was thrown off by #15.  My soul’s present condition? Fuck.  I couldn’t get past my head, then I managed to get to my heart.  Couldn’t get any further than that.  This was a difficult one to answer.  I could have gone with one of a few other answers.

Anyone who knows me might agree that nothing really throws me off or comes unexpected.  At least that’s what I believe of myself.  So yeah, #15 was like O.O

Without further rambling:


Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to at least 15 people and include me. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Repost as “My Life According to (Artist)”

1. Are you a male or female?

2. How do you feel:

3. Describe where you currently live:
Tear in Your Hand

4. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Welcome to England

5. Your favorite form of transportation:
Your Cloud

6. Your best friend is:
Not the Red Baron

7. What’s the weather like?
Dark Side of the Sun

8. Favorite time of day:

(I could NOT find a title for this one!

9. If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?

10. What is life to you?
A Sorta Fairytale

11. Your fear:
Me and a Gun

12. What is the best advice you have to give?

13. Thought for the day:
Not Dying Today

14. How I would like to die:
Bouncing off of Clouds

15. My soul’s present condition:
Putting the Damage On

16. My motto:
The Power of Orange Knickers

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Yet another furfag party!

So Friday night we had 15+ furries at the house. The idea was hot tubbing then meeting back at the house for Watchmen. Tiggy, Coug and I went booze shopping and run to the Goodwill to pick up some chairs for people to sit on at the house.

The evening of fun started an hour late at the hot tub place. Remind me to either not go tubbing again or bring something to entertain myself. I just could not enjoy it. The company was cool enough but I couldn’t settle down and relax. Maybe the water just wasn’t hot enough. I think if we did this again, I’d rather be at the house preparing for piles of fucking furries to hang out (like food or whatever).

So we piled back to the house and everyone started jumping on the booze. I had talked Coug into getting some Captain Morgan’s Private Reserve. It was just as good as I remember. Its the most decent stuff you can get for about $20.

My room sort of became an extension of hang-out space ;-p I ended up with all sorts of boys on my bed. So many boys! O.O

By the time the Watchmen movie started, I was too drunk to really want to sit and watch it. I did watch the opening credits, which were amazing. And its a couple days later and I -still- haven’t seen it! My dad watched it yesterday and I think he was about scraping his eyes out from boredom. (I watched opening credits again with him… sill awesome!)

But anyway. Yeah, we only had a couple stranglers hanging out til morning… Smight and a guy whose name I keep forgetting (seriously, I knew less than half the people there, some faces I only recognized). Luckily we have a bit of crashing out space for such occasions.

So yeah, I think the party couldn’t have come at a better time. And I only drank slightly too much ^-^ I’m learning self control! yay! ^-^ And the slightly too much wasn’t too much in a bad way. I could have drank a -lot- more. I just have been putting the smack-down on myself.

Yet another Eugene, Oregon Furry party… another success apparently.

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