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Baking soda hair wash in prep for dreading…

So I decided today to try out a baking soda wash on my (yet to be dreaded) hair.  Dear gods.  When you people say squeaky clean, you mean it in the most literal way.

I just got out of the shower so my hair is still wet.  But I’m curious to see the change in how it looks and feels when its dry.  I’ve never been so excited about my hair before :-p

So what I did was look around the net and get an idea of what people use baking soda for and how much with water (or whatever else).  So I figured I’d just wing it for my first attempt.

Off to the pantry I went and found an empty jam jar with a handle and lid.  This is maybe a cup or a little bit more.  I grabbed the baking soda and dumped in maybe a Tablespoons worth or so.  Then ran the tap to get some decently warm water, filled the jar, put the lid on and shook it up.  This got me a cloudy enough looking mixture.

Off to the shower I went!

So I wet my hair, shook up the jar to distribute the Goods again, turned away from the shower, bent my head forward, letting my hair fall forward, then began dumping a bit at a time while gently massaging a bit with the other hand. (this is all detailed shit for people like me who need that extra inspiration to try new things!)

Quickly enough, the squeaking started :-p  my hand just didn’t want to glide over my hair.  It was so wild for some reason that I almost started laughing.  :-p

Oh, and I had forgotten completely about how terrible the stuff tastes >.<

Sooo anyway.  Finished pouring it all in, let my hair lay back normally and went about the rest of my shower which was only a couple minutes.  Then rinsed the stuff out and wow that was squeaky too.

So now here I sit waiting for it to dry, wondering when I’ll start my dreading, if I should just go it alone since my friends seem to be rather busy people, and trying to decide on a method.

It took me a long time of waiting to get the metal flea comb to do the back combing with and now I find myself tempted to do the rip & twist.  Which leaves me several very important dollars broker with a useless fucking comb >.>  unless I had a dog of course.  Roomies do.  Hmm.

So yeah.  I’m all excited.

I think I’ll try a baking soda body wash next.  I don’t think I’ll need to do another baking soda wash on my hair if I were to start dreading in the next couple days because I let it sit in for quite awhile today.

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Dreads for me?

May 10, 2009 1 comment

Dreads for me?

So I can’t remember anymore what got me started on this (the idea was probably sprouted with love by Suziblu getting her fake dreads).  I’ve always loved locks though.  Being away from Eugene I completely forgot all about how awesome they can be.

But I was in the store the other day and walked by this lady with looong gorgeous dreads, some pulled up to the back of her head.  They looked sooo perfect.

So, because of Suziblue, I thought hey… I’ll do fake dreads! Because I can have a lot of creative fun that way, adding interesting bits and pieces.  I don’t mind the amount of work it takes to make them from scratch and they’re really really cheap and my birthday is coming up so… I might scrounge up some money to buy the fake hair needed.

I don’t know what colors I’ll go with.  It will probably depend on whats available at the store.  I like the look (sometimes) of the natural color fading into a fakey color, but I don’t think a fakey color would go well with my hair color and I’m doubtful I’ll find my hair color in the fake hair stuff.  Sooo I don’t know yet.

So I went about researching fake dreads, how to make them… there’s so many different ways, tricks and techniques.  And then when it comes to actually wearing them and the things you can do with them afterwards… the options are are open as working an a canvas of art!

And then I came across a sight in my dread adventures called and started looking at all the awesome pics of natural dreads and absolutely fell in love with this lady’s dreads here.

If you scroll waaaaaaay down to the pic of her finished project, you’ll see this pic.

This is -exactly- what I had in mind as I was daydreaming about what my dreads would look like.  ^-^

So then I started considering doing natural dreads, or a combo of the two.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I brushed my hair (I don’t have a comb, I’m broke okaaay?! >.>) so I guess you could say I’m already well on my way to the real things.

But I don’t know… I may do a combo of both somehow.

I tried joining the forum so I could post about what I want to do, but nooo, it won’t let me log in >.>

Unfortunately I’m going be receiving negative feedback on this from the people in my life who have negative associations with dreads.  So far one person I’ve told about my plan didn’t react negatively.  By which I mean grossed out.  There’s this widely held belief that locks are dirty and disgusting and to get them you have to have filthy hair.  Yes there are some disgusting dreads because some people use wax (a bad idea, ew) and they’re just unclean people anyway.  Its just like anything else, people… there’s bad seeds in every apple.  Hair is not black and white and neither is the rest of the world :-p

Either way, I’ll be needing help.  If I started natural dreads with the backcombing method or if I put in fake dreads, my arms will never forgive me if I do it on my own :-p

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