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The fruits of my god-like labor

January 17, 2009 1 comment

Bwa ha ha.

So I’m loving Joomla in place of WordPress to organize all the data in our little lala land.  Its a lot more convoluted but you have more control and options.  I didn’t expect to like it so much.

I like that you can actually organize, and not just fake-organize.  You can also order items.  The picture gallery thing is nice.. WP always eats my pics when I try to scoot them around.  Joomla doesn’t do this.  Its also a lot snappier than WP.  There may be some things that take a lot more clicking to get done than in WP and it is a convoluted, retarded process in some cases, but once you get the swing of it you don’t notice the extra steps.

So yeah.  I’m happy in the pants for Joomla!

So in case anyone wants to know how to organize a novel or world so you can collaborate with someone else on the internet or even just keep it all to yourself, here’s an example of what we have so you can get an idea of what you might want to do:

Web links

– (to various categories like injuries, cultural beliefs… you know)

Beasties (which will have a list of articles)


– Good guys section (listed)

– Bad guys section (listed)


– Good guys (listed)

– Bad guys (listed)


– actually broken down into one category for every country/continent/island, then each category will have a page full of articles on cities and other pertinent information to that area


– Food/Drink

– Herbs/Drugs

– Objects – Magical

– Objects – Mundane

(each of those has listed articles under it)

Etc etc etc

– Fun stuff

— all those wacky characters and such that we come up with

– Nautical Glossary (single article page)

– Name ideas (single article page)

– Holidays/Festivals (single article page)

Questions (single article page where we write down questions to problems we can’t work out, like plot or whatever)

Organizations (like… FBI, CIA, all that kind of stuff, single page or separate articles, not sure yet)

Timelines (a chart with a list of characters, events, and how old they were at said events, VERY handy! single article page)

Meanwhile! I bought index cards tonight (thank you Dollar Tree) so I can try organizing my novel(s) with them.  I’ve been rolling some ideas around in my head and actually like the idea of writing a new novel or story on index cards.  I’ll try it sometime, just to see what I think.  Who knows, might be my cuppa tea.