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Grandma B had a stroke

So last Friday (I think) my Grandma had a stroke.  She seems to be doing ok now… but yeah.  My mom called me to come and stay and do some cleaning on her room (my grandma, mom’s mom, lives with my parents).  So I’ve been here since Monday (save for Friday night, will post about that later).

Holy shit, grandma.  Why do you need so many sets of nail clippers? and so many batteries? and 50 pairs of socks? and bras that don’t fit? and old paperwork that your daughter tossed out before and you just had to dig them out of the trash? O.o

My grandma has too many everything!

There’s a lot of things up in the air about her recovery, where her recovery will be, etc.

I’m exhausted after all this work.  And especially since I’m not so sure I was over whatever minor ick I had. I had two days of getting hit by this overwhelming woozy feeling. That seems to be gone now.

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