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I need to drop a few pounds

October 4, 2009 7 comments

Either that or get some poor unsuspecting soul to donate some clothes to me.

Over the past 6ish months, I’ve gained about 25 pounds.  This is great news because I was 100 pounds before and it was uncomfortable.  I’m about 5’5″,

My problem here though is that I don’t fit into any of my pants! I have one pair of capri type pants that still fit, but that’s basically it.  Everything else is too tight or just plain tight.  I’ve never really worn tight clothes in my life and I’m used to shit just hanging off my bones and constantly pulling my pants up.  Even my skirts are a bit tight around the waist.

So what I’m doing/going to be doing to get rid of a few pounds:

– No more half n half in my coffee (I found Mocha Mix to be a very delicious substitute!)

– No more cream cheese, butter & pesto in my sandwiches or noodles 😦

– I haven’t had toast in ages, which is the only time I really use butter, but I went and picked up some Country Crocker.  Is that… healthier?

– Back off on the sweets some (I’ve done this a little)

– Snack more, eat less huge meals

– Find someone to go on walks/bike riding/hiking with!

– Stop with the juice already! I picked up only 1 thing of juice on my last shopping trip.  I’m going to mainly drink tea (with honey), water or coffee for awhile.

Um… that’s all I can think of.  Basically I’m thinking of stuff that made me loose weight before (that was actually out of my control, was NOT by cohice) and I’m replicating it but to a more healthy degree.

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Yay, hallucinations returned!

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Actually, its not very yay at all.

So I get these hallucinations when I’m sleeping (actually when I get in a sleep/wake limbo) and I hallucinate trippy shit.  This is usually triggred by stress.  I think.  Could be a bad diet or who knows what else.

Its been quite awhile since I’ve had this so when it happened last night, it freaked me out at first.  Might have happened on two or three occasions.

But the one time that I remember fairly well was pretty unique… I hallucinated some fink floral ball of stuff that reminds me of some of the fractals I’ve been making lately.  It was awesome! Well… would have been awesome if I wasn’t freaked out :-p  and I honestly was thinkitng someone had snuck into my room to mess with me somehow >.>  no one here would do that but I think I’ll start locking my door to give my brain a rest.

I don’t know what I’ve been stressing about this time.  Maybe its the chaotic energies of Fey moving.  Maybe its how I’ve been thinking too much about how if I get sick, I’m really fucked.  Dunno.

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