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A closer look at writing scenes

So I may have re-settled on a writing program to use.  Kabikaboo, as nifty as it is, is tweaking on me, so I’ve turned my attentions back to Writer’s Cafe.  I believe I’ll be working towards purchasing this one, if it continues to prove to be worthy.  It’s not my favorite program, but it seems to be my only choice.

A recent breeze through the first rewrite of my first novel made me cringe… It was reading like the Bible or… I don’t know, a newspaper? There aren’t very clear scenes and it’s hard to read it very smoothly.  And by novel I mean the first quarter, I haven’t finished any of my re-writes because I’ve been struggling with sorting through things.

Ages ago when I was using yWriter, I had scenes.  I remember it reading better.  When I stopped using yWriter because it’s flaky as fuck, my novel went through a couple rewrites using OpenOffice… just a plain word processor.  This made me lazy and I didn’t have such a good overview of what was going on.  I did use some indications of scene changes, but it was still loose and sloppy and I ended up with a lot of useless stuff in there.

So this is why I’m trying so hard to find a way to organize my writing.

I’ve been fiddling a bit with a spread sheet, that might be of use in conjunction with Writer’s Cafe but I really prefer having the content of my novel -inside- whatever I’m using.

That’s what I’ve been up to an the writing front! I’m going around finding great articles on writing.  I’ll have to share them here somehow.  I’ve just discovered Google Bookmarks.  It might be cool to figure out how to point people to my writing bookmarks collection…

Here, try this link!

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