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This is why…

Tori Amos has my undying love.

I’m all sweaty now.

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Almost NaNo-fied & Ayreon

November 28, 2006 Leave a comment

I don’t remember when, but I remember where I was when I hit 45,000 words.  Good gods.  I.  Am.  So.  Tired.  Not because I was up all night, but I think because I was pacing myself all month, instead of rushing it and setting insane, personal goals.  But I prolly felt like this last year, too.

But what’s really got me excited for the moment is, I believe that this is my best NaNo novel yet.  Which isn’t saying a lot, I think, since ’05 sucks my grumble monkey.  But maybe it doesn’t suck as much as I remember it.  I’ll be sure to give it a read.  *twitch*  Then I must finish writing it.  *double twitch*  But at least I know of some stuff that happens in it, thanks to this year and book 3.

As for <strong>Ayreon</strong>.. I don’t know… <strong>Fred</strong>? You might <strike>like</strike> love them.

I got the chance to hear “Into the Electric Castle”.  ZOMG.  Yeah.  That sums it up.

But really, folks.  Electric Castle was exactly like this: Pink Floyd’s The Wall meets Jesus Christ Super Star, who just got back from a convention on Egyptology and they make a sweet sweet baby with the help of Ramstien’s german grunting while Metallica/insert-metal-band-here watches from the sidelines, smoking pot and illegally downloading bits and peices of New Age music.

Yeah.  Like I said:


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