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The thing that no writer wants to realize…

My writing SUCKS!

Ok, so what I’ve been doing is going back and re-reading the whole Rayna’s Story thing (trilogy).  All of these were written for NaNoWriMo.

For awhile there I was thinking that the writing/plot and stuff sucked mostly for the first book and the One That Shall Not Be Named (long story but its basically #2).  Well I’ve been discussing with Whitepaws about spiffing things up now that we know a lot more after writing in Q’lanth for several years.  We know a lot about the world, what was going on with the plots, the characters, etc.

So I’ve decided that the new #2 books is actually going to be #3 (omg I just realized I’ll be missing a #3 now, wtf?).  So I started reading through the first re-write of #1 (which isn’t done) and started reading the new #2 and realizing that even the one that I thought was written a lot better is still pure drivel.  Its better… bit it still sucks.

And I -know- this is because its NaNo.  My writing quality goes down.  Because when I was reading the first rewrite of #1, which is being rewritten outside of NaNo, I found it to be very readable.  Yes, there’s loads of room for  improvement but I’m just trying to lay down the brickwork, not make a piece of art.  Making it a work of art is the -next- step 🙂

But my gods… there’s a lot of work to be done.  The story is there, the story is awesome… the characters are there and they’re awesome.  But my ability to make them read well is just not that great.

And christ on a cracker its a mess.  A huge mess. I know I’ve said this before here but I think I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


If only I had fulfilled promises to myself to clean up every NaNo novel during the year before the next NaNo, I’d be in lots better shape.  Man I wish I could get paid to work on this, it would have been done ages ago 🙂

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