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Downtown Lounge, Diablo’s fetish night!

So Saturday night I got to go out with Coug and Tiggy to Eugene’s Downtown Lounge.  It was fetish night… wear all black or fetish stuffs.  I borrowed a hot n sexy dress from Tiggy, wore my collar, some leg cuffs (mroooowl!) and my smexxie heels.  Coug had me on a thick black leash the whole time.

It took forever to actually get out of the house and to Diablo’s but once we were there: WOW O.O

It was just like Second Life!

Minus the contest boards and 7 foot tall skinny people.

The place was packed.  The booze was flowing.  Some of the clothes were totally awesome.  We saw a fire show by… Eve’s… Eden… something rather.  It wasn’t too terribly exciting, but there were some awesome moments. There was a show on the stage inside with some burlesque-ish type stuff going on.

Downstairs there was play piercing by High Priestess and what I will call play playing.  There was a guy who had a routine he was putting various ladies through.  “Flogging”, knife play, hot wax n ice, then shaving the wax off with straight razors.  That part I had never heard of before.  The idea is exciting ^-^

And apparently, according to one lady, we were the only “non posers” there.  I didn’t hear the conversation, but heard about it afterwards from Coug.  Some lady was asking him why we were the only lifestylers there.  She guessed we were because Tiggy had a mask on, I was leashed and us ladies were calm.  O.o

Umm… my response would have been “Because this isn’t a BDSM club.”  This was a -bar-, not a dungeon.  Not a munch.  A -BAR-.  If you want to find a plethora of lifestylers, you’re looking in the wrong place.

With all that said….: BOOBIES!

Yeah, I saw me some boobies 🙂

Awesome time.  I’d like to go again.  I actually wouldn’t mind going on a regular night and hanging out.  I liked their pool area. Coug and I shot some. It was fun at first but my patience always gets the best of me by the second game. >.>

It was such a fun night, despite being on my period and not having any alcohol.

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