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Ubuntu 9.10 & yWriter5

So I basically upgraded to 9.10 in my sleep last night :-p

I found out there’s a “linux version” of yWriter5 and decided to try to out.  I had 9.04 installed but was having problems with text in the program and menus not showing up, despite a few hours of wrestling, installing, reinstalling according to the directions on Spacejock’s website.

I read that people with 9.10 were having the same problem… there was more people with the problem than -not- with the problem.  But I figured I’d upgrade anyway.  Lo and behold, I can use yWriter again! It’s the best writing program I’ve seen by far.  It used to be really buggy but here’s to hoping it won’t be any longer.

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Arg! need writing solution!

November 30, 2008 Leave a comment

So earlier today I thought I had a program that would work to help me with my writing.  I have a lot of stuff that needs sorting out so I can really work on it all and icon everything out, etc.  I might have to find a solution other than a writing program.  Here’s a bit of overview of what I’ve tried:

yWriter4: Free.  Windows but works with WINE.  I love this program.  Its perfect.  loveitloveitloveit.  But its… not stable (on Ubuntu or otherwise).  And yWriter5 Beta won’t work on Ubuntu.

Writer’s Cafe 2: Commercial. Very neato program with lots of features.  Its an eye sore but it works perfectly on Ubuntu.  My problem is I keep over writing my scenes way too easily. >.< Not good at all.

BasKet: Free.  Works like a dream for Ubuntu ’cause its for Ubuntu.  Its more of an advanced note taking program.  Its pretty neat for various note taknig things (especially my online Witch School notes).  It will do my book/chapter/scene organizing.  Doesn’t have spellcheck >.<  I cean use a tag on each scene so I can keep track of what needs work, moving, etc.  I could live with this program in a pinch.

Power Writer:  Commercial. Eyesore.  clunky.  Not very usable…

StorYBook: Free.  ZOMG awesome program.  AWESOME I TELL YOU! I love it -but-… I can’t use it because it seems to be mainly for notes on a story/novel and thus where you would put a scene… they only allow so many characters.  GOD DAMNIT  >.<  And it works like a dream on Ubuntu because there’s an linux install for it >.<   Ok so maybe I can use it to help sort things out but I need the -whole- picture.  *sigh*

WriteItNow: Commercial, for Windows only.  I would consider letting M$ anally rape me again just so I can get some fucking work done on my novel writing >.<  I have never seen a better program (‘sides yWriter).  I can get it to somewhat work under Gnome.  It works a lot better under KDE but still a little tweaky.  Useable though, I think.  It seems to be a graphics problem.  Nobody has said anything about it anywhere on the web it seems.  Triple se ligh >.<  And I think it costs, which is impossible for me right now.

I’ve seen some suggestions for using LaTeX but even more comments against using it because its more of a word processor.

So… arg.  I don’t know what to do.  Guess I could do a combo of Open Office (regular word processor), with BasKet and maybe StorYBook.

Orrrr I can figure out how to do all this on paper.  *twitch*

*ETA* I just spend way too long reorganizing a couple scenes in BasKet just because I twitched a bit and messed everything up.  Not good for twitchy people like me.  Found a similar but less fluffy program called gjots.  You have to tell it you want your notes to move up or down to tree.   *goes back to playing with it*

*ETA again* Okay gjots keeps crashing on me >.< I’m tempted to open a blog or something for this damn thing.