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NaNoWriMo ’09 Winner is I!

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment

OMG. So I reached 50k last night… around 6 or so. Then I promptly fell asleep >.<

Now I have the post-NaNo shock thing going on. Which pretty much consists of feelings of: 'What do I do now?' and 'I never want to write another word of fiction ever again!'

I had a hard time with it this year. I started out going pretty well, but I had problems figuring out my ending. It's hard to write a novel when you don't know how the ending is going to go, exactly. Even now I'm turn between just plain ending the book -and- that particular story line or ending the book in a cliffhanger/lead in to another book.


Now I have to figure out what I used to do before NaNo. Other than writing.

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Finished reading the series!

Quick update: Whilst nearing some important bits during the rewrite of #1, I figured I should stop and read the other 2 books to get a good bearing for what was going on.  I knew there were details I was unsure of and such.

The the status is… #1, of course I’m working on polishing that one up for the first round.  The beginning to first quarter or so I’ve never been happy with but now I believe I’ve figured out how to make it all work.  The rest of the story seems relatively solid.

#2 I thought was going to be pretty decent.  Ha! Its much worse than I imagined.  At least the first part.  Writing quality was worse than I expected, but story-wise and such it started out pretty bad.  I took detailed notes along the way.  Its going to take quite a bit of fiddling to spiff it up.

#3 I just finished reading this one a few minutes ago.  Writing quality was better but I saw all my glaring, ugly mistakes.  Ewww.  Story-wise (if you don’t count a lot of shit I added for sake of NaNo word count) its awesome! The last half really became a page turner.  The last quarter was really engaging.  I knew it was good when I was nearing the end and I kept putting it down because I only had a few more pages to go and I just didn’t want it to end 🙂 I always do that with the best books I pick up.

So #3 won’t need nearly as much work as #2 and #1.

I still have at least one huge issue to work with.  I can probably start working with that now that I’ve read everything and its all somewhat fresh in my head and I’ve got notes.  Ironing on this huge issue shouldn’t ruin how awesome #3 is and how slightly decent #2 is.  It sholdn’t touch #1 at all.  But it is some major stuff.

So yeah… lots and lots of work.  My writing buddy and I have put soooo many hours into this world, working with these characters and working on the little details that matter in the whole picture.

Something I was glad to see was my writing quality go up.  I guess I can’t be too picky because these were written during NaNo.  But I have learned a lot about writing along the way.  So much so that I shouldn’t have to work this damn hard to clean things up in the future.

I’m really curious about #4 (picks up right were #3 left off but is a different story).  I think I probably grew a lot as a writer between #3 and #4.  (technically #4 and #5).  I -know- I must have gotten better when I read something that halfway-decent and cringe at the parts that are bad.  Its going to be a really fun one to clean up.

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The thing that no writer wants to realize…

My writing SUCKS!

Ok, so what I’ve been doing is going back and re-reading the whole Rayna’s Story thing (trilogy).  All of these were written for NaNoWriMo.

For awhile there I was thinking that the writing/plot and stuff sucked mostly for the first book and the One That Shall Not Be Named (long story but its basically #2).  Well I’ve been discussing with Whitepaws about spiffing things up now that we know a lot more after writing in Q’lanth for several years.  We know a lot about the world, what was going on with the plots, the characters, etc.

So I’ve decided that the new #2 books is actually going to be #3 (omg I just realized I’ll be missing a #3 now, wtf?).  So I started reading through the first re-write of #1 (which isn’t done) and started reading the new #2 and realizing that even the one that I thought was written a lot better is still pure drivel.  Its better… bit it still sucks.

And I -know- this is because its NaNo.  My writing quality goes down.  Because when I was reading the first rewrite of #1, which is being rewritten outside of NaNo, I found it to be very readable.  Yes, there’s loads of room for  improvement but I’m just trying to lay down the brickwork, not make a piece of art.  Making it a work of art is the -next- step 🙂

But my gods… there’s a lot of work to be done.  The story is there, the story is awesome… the characters are there and they’re awesome.  But my ability to make them read well is just not that great.

And christ on a cracker its a mess.  A huge mess. I know I’ve said this before here but I think I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


If only I had fulfilled promises to myself to clean up every NaNo novel during the year before the next NaNo, I’d be in lots better shape.  Man I wish I could get paid to work on this, it would have been done ages ago 🙂

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Its hard being god

January 14, 2009 Leave a comment

*sits back and examines her world*

Well, most of it is here *points at her head*  and here *points at Whitepaws’ head*… somewhere.  But we’re trying to get it all down, out and official onto paper- er… into 1s and 0s.

Long long time ago I found something on the intertubes that is called “The World”.  Its a huge, long ass questionair that you give to the world that you created.  Have your world fill it out and return to you.

… ok, so its not that easy.

But we’re sitting here Skyping, going over this list.  There’s been a few things brought up that I never thought about which is most excellent.

I don’t remember where I originally got this file, no clue who wrote it.  I’m pretty sure it was a free-for-all sort of thing, so I may provide it here as a download.  But I’ll look into it first.

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Character/Writer Similarities & Differences: Adrian

December 4, 2008 1 comment

Yeah, you read that right.  I’m going to list out all the similarities/differences between myself and my characters.  Why? Because its my damn blog and I’ll do with it as I please! ^-^

I’ll start from the top.  Whatever that means in this case O.o


Adrian: Alcoholic and other vices. Me: I could be easily so I’m just going to quit while I’m ahead.  And… I’m working on those other things.

Adrian: Has dark red hair. Me: Everybody says my hair is red but its -not- you fucktards! Its strawberry blond and I don’t care what color strawberries are, because my hair does not look like god damn strawberries! grrrrr!

Adrian: She gets a little worked up sometimes and flings colorful words around. Me: ….. see my response about hair color above. ^-^

Adrian: Considers it a personal duty to help her close friends. Me: I’m very dedicated to friends and sometimes just acquaintances.  I’ll spoil you rotten if you let me.

Adrian: Emotionally distant/stand offish. Me: I’ve been told as much.

Adrian: Is bi. Me: …… well I don’t discriminate ^-^


Adrian: She’s brave.  Me: I’m a pussy.

Adrian: Very smart and very well studied on many things.  Me: Smart but not that quick.  I know a little tiny bit about various things.

Adrian: Horny little devil.  Me: My sexual appetite is barely on the radar! lol

Adrian: Physically fit.  Me: Can someone open this peanut butter jar for me?

Hmm.  That’s all I can think of right now.  I had this post open for a few hours so I was digging for some of these similarities.  I’ll update this post later if I think of anything else.

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Why do I do this to myself! arg!

December 2, 2008 1 comment

Woot. Post 2 today.

I keep having problems holding me back on writing… mostly these problems nag at me because I want to do everything correctly because I want to publish someday so others can enjoys this world as much as I do.  Prolly self publish, there’s no way anyone is going to publish a series with pirates, magic, anthros, humans, sex, alcoholism, prostitution, anti-religious/political undertones and a mix of all those with each other, let’s just face that fact straight up, yo.

So even if I publish myself, that doesn’t mean I can’t be anal and strive for perfection and try to do everything by-the-book, right?

Last year or so I made a post about trying to learn how to be a better writer.  Sometime between then and now I’ve decided that trying to go by-the-book or even what people like to read is not the way to go.  I would read a pile of “do these” and “don’t do these” tips and go pick up a couple fictions to read and see all those tips trampled. And these are not unheard of authors.

What the fuck am I supposed to do then??

I have considered off and on the perspective of my Q’lanth series.  While Adrian is dominate, I do get a lot of enjoyment jumping around heads.  And I don’t mean every other scene or within scenes.  I love getting to know other characters and how they think and see other things although I suppose I could do all that from Adrian’s perspective.

I think it would suck keeping -only- in Adrian’s head because there’s a lot of adventure going on and there’s a lot of story between the characters and back story (like how Zander and Rayna met, how else am I supposed to do that? “Oh, we met in the library. She was drooling on a map.” I’d loose a TON of words!)

What I’ve been writing might be called a third person subjective.  You experience the story and the current character’s thoughts and feelings and you find out stuff about the story as that character finds things out. I’ve heard the Wheel of Time series is done in the fashion I’m shooting for. I’ve also heard its really hard. I’m not a very good writer (ADMIT IT! I can weave some excellent stories, but writing them? ha!) so to me its not hard. I write what comes to me, if the flow gunks up then I’m doing something wrong or I need a break.

So I’m having some perspective problems to work out and some problems with… I don’t know, mood? Not tone…

What do people here think about a novel that reads like an anime?

And by anime I mean… Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, etc… you get to know the characters/big picture through the series, there’s funny moments and tragic moments, there’s a bad guy in every episode…. I dunno, I always felt everything coming through like I was watching an anime.  I want it to read like that because those shows are so well done and really suck me in.

And… I have more issues with my writing but that’s whats bugging me right now.

I have found one thing to keep in mind whenever I’m feeling lost and desperate:

I have to write what I like.

There’s a lot of stuff I like to read out there and there’s a lot of people that like those various things.  Right?


*ETA* Oh yeah! Another thing that keeps bugging me that I need to stop doing… is repeating information/things the reader already knows throughout the story (via whatever means). This annoys me and I’m sure I don’t know the full extent of this >.<
*ETA… again* I burned off my 2 Celine Dion CDs and listening to them and liking them. Its really soothing music. I don’t have much of that LOL :-p

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The official decision of the Blood Rose Trilogy

Basically, more or less, this is what’s going to happen: I’m starting over. From, more or less, scratch. But it’ll be like writing a story about a movie right after you watched it. For years. And I have my printed up Blood Rose Trilogy (thanks to of course) to use as reference, and to take chunks from.

Yes, I’ll be starting over, but its for the best, I swear.

I’m starting with Rayna’s story on the time line. Everybody’s story is going to be given their own book/series of books. Whatever it takes.

See, Blood Rose, all three books… it was great and wonderful, but everyone’s stories were way intertwined and there was too much going on while at the same time… not ENOUGH was going on.

    Its like untangling a pile of fishing lines and trying to find the right lure for the right pole for the right fisher, so they can get back to fishing somewhere else so they don’t get tangled up again.

Yup, that’s EXACTLY it!

So last night I started with Rayna’s story, from her birth. This is such a great opportunity, because I already know the majority of her story, I know how it “ends” (don’t you DARE quote me on that!)… I basically have to fill in all the gaps that writing the Blood Rose during NaNoWriMo created. This is such a great oppertinity because I can really get detailed now and my writing will be better, and it will not turn into that fishing line tangle scenario again.



is sooo very true.

Don’t let me write anything serious during NaNo again ^-^ This year’s NaNo, I want to write something completely off the wall and wacky, something that I won’t feel the need to go back to at a later time to polish up and make a big deal out of.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I wrote those three books during NaNo. It was the only time that I could honestly tell people I couldn’t be bothered with anything else… because you really do have to set aside the time to write, or people will take advantage of you when it looks like you’re “doing nothing”. (read that over at absolutewrite’s forums…)

But yeah. I’m happy to actually be writing again and I have that driving force behind me. Yes, I stopped reading through my printed copy of the Blood Rose books because… I kept writing down the same notes, over and over. I couldn’t take it anymore! It really isn’t worth salvaging just on its own. Its fun to read, but if you’re really looking for something satisfying… try Harry Potter.

Or some of Fred’s FF, dammit.

Okay, gotta shut up again.

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