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the stupid! it burns!

May 30, 2009 1 comment

OMFG.  Maybe not stupid, but ignorant.  And young.

So I was merrily poking around on dA when I saw the cover of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac in the recent postings on the front page. I was like… wtf? So I click and and yeah. Its defiantly the cover. So I go to the person’s gallery and find him/her uploaded the first page of the actual comic.

This is the description and reason for every page uploaded:

So I leave a comment on the first comic page (not the cover).  After all, maybe this person doesn’t know?:

So… you think you have the right to post somebody else’s art on the interwebz because you CAN? and because you spent MONEY? Giving credit does not make it legal.  It makes it slightly less evil of you, after all, you could have just not included any copy write whatsoever… and you may not like the laws but they still apply to you.

So this person eventually uploads the first 5 pages of the comic, as well as the cover.  >.>

S/he gets comments on a couple of them, but nothing to do with legalities.

So then I pick another page to comment on (like page 3 or something):

I’m -still- trying to help this person, even if they are feeling all entitled because s/he spent MONIESzomg!11.

I left another comment after the steak knife one but they went and hid the comments.  But I said:

“OR you could take down all the material you’re posting because its not supposed to be here. Problem solved.”

(I just now checked, looks like that page was taken down, I haven’t checked the rest though).

Oh, name blacked out to protect the ignorant.  They are very sensitive you know. (actually I only blacked it out because I don’t know the legalities on that…)

On a side note, this person’s profile and art was the most emo I’ve ever seen.  I’m kind of dense when it comes to spotting labels and such… but even -I- saw the flaming obviousness of emo! O.o

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