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Write pride!

September 27, 2009 Leave a comment

So I thought I talked about this somewhere before, but I must have just -thought- I talked about it.  I feel like I’m super repetitive but hey, this blog is for my own amusement.

I realized recently that I’ve been writing crap.  Ok, so I’ve known that for awhile.  What happened was this:

– Started out as a crappy writer, as far as technicalities go (had great backgrounds, characters, etc)

– Started thinking “Hey, I should start observing the Rules of Writing”

– Looked up all the Do’s and Don’t’s of writing.  Looked at examples.  Smiled and nodded and implemented things over a period of a few years.  Or more than that, I don’t remember when I started.

– After awhile, I started actually reading some books (various reasons to why I haven’t read much in the past several years)

– Saw many of these Writing Rules broken by various authors.

– Went WTF for probaly a year and just wrote

– Recently (within a month or 2)  re-discovered the writing “voice” I had peeking out here and there

– I’m currently working on digging up that Voice so it can breathe and I can use it again.

So now I think I’m actually proudish of most of what I’ve been writing lately.  Using some of the knowledge I gained about the Rules over the years (some work for me, some don’t!) and combining it with my Voice… its like 10 times funner than it ever was! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved writing and thought it funner than everything.  Even sex.  But its even -funner- now.

I’ve been casting aside more and more worrying about a reader not liking what I write.  I know my characters and such are really good.  If my style isn’t their flavor, everything else should keep them turning the pages.  I can’t please every reader.  I’ve read books that had dry writing but compelling stories.

So yeah, I’m pretty happy 🙂

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