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A closer look at writing scenes

So I may have re-settled on a writing program to use.  Kabikaboo, as nifty as it is, is tweaking on me, so I’ve turned my attentions back to Writer’s Cafe.  I believe I’ll be working towards purchasing this one, if it continues to prove to be worthy.  It’s not my favorite program, but it seems to be my only choice.

A recent breeze through the first rewrite of my first novel made me cringe… It was reading like the Bible or… I don’t know, a newspaper? There aren’t very clear scenes and it’s hard to read it very smoothly.  And by novel I mean the first quarter, I haven’t finished any of my re-writes because I’ve been struggling with sorting through things.

Ages ago when I was using yWriter, I had scenes.  I remember it reading better.  When I stopped using yWriter because it’s flaky as fuck, my novel went through a couple rewrites using OpenOffice… just a plain word processor.  This made me lazy and I didn’t have such a good overview of what was going on.  I did use some indications of scene changes, but it was still loose and sloppy and I ended up with a lot of useless stuff in there.

So this is why I’m trying so hard to find a way to organize my writing.

I’ve been fiddling a bit with a spread sheet, that might be of use in conjunction with Writer’s Cafe but I really prefer having the content of my novel -inside- whatever I’m using.

That’s what I’ve been up to an the writing front! I’m going around finding great articles on writing.  I’ll have to share them here somehow.  I’ve just discovered Google Bookmarks.  It might be cool to figure out how to point people to my writing bookmarks collection…

Here, try this link!

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my Better-than-Twilight book

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

So, in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’ve decided to take up the challenge of writing a book that is better than Twilight. I would like to challenge other writers and non-writers alike out there to write a better-than-Twilight book as well.

Why I’m doing this:

  • I’ve seen people who defend Twilight and Myers say “Well I bet you can’t do better”, and similar phrases. I take that as a personal challenge.
  • To give teenagers (hopefully both sexes!) a better idea of love, romance, what is healthy and what is not from a non-sexist/misogynistic stand with different views on sex, birth control, and anything else I’m missing that Meyers fucked up.
  • Because I love writing.
  • Ultimate Goal: When someone finishes reading this, they set the book down and say “Wow, I wish Twilight was this good!” or similar.

Basic story plans:

  • From POV of a teenage girl, may or may not be 1st person
  • Urban/modern day fantasy set in our world
  • Love/romance
  • Include some mutant (X-Men style) and or fairytale style characters
  • 100,000 to 130,000 words (Twilight is about 120,000)

Inspiration from:

I plan on using an outline.  Usually I don’t do this, but I want to for this one because I want to plan carefully.  You know… put some thought into it.  You know… like authors are supposed to :-p

Several years ago I wrote a few short stories using a setting and characters inspired by Franesca Lia Block.  I might use those characters in this story.  I’m not sure yet.

Oh, and my working title is Edge of Darkness 🙂

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Now that NaNoWriMo is over…

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

I don’t know what to do!

There’s always that adjustment period, for me anyway, after NaNo where I spend a bit trying to figure out what the fuck I’m doing.  I don’t have much of a life to get to, since what I do most of the time is write and make art stuffs and job hunting on the side when my fragile sense of self can handle it.

  • Need to get back to first edit of book #1.  This is my TOP PRIORITY.
  • Some *gulp* meeting new people and trying new things? Imagine!
  • Planning out my “Better than Twilight” book.  I have have a title in mind and was thinking of using some characters from a few short stories I did years ago.  For this, I really ought to:
  • Finish reading Twilight.  Which is painful but educational (on how NOT to write).
  • Need to do some regular piano practice again (every day or every other day would be great)
  • I’m planning on asking some friends if they want some website space, for a nominal fee.  I want to keep my space but it would take a miracle for me to have it this coming V-day.
  • Play lots and lots of NWN online.  I found a cool server to play on.  This is the only video game I should allow myself to play for awhile.  Too many/too much gaming can be too distracting.
  • Keep my ear on the ground looking for a job >.<
  • Improve my drawing.  Probably back off my other art endeavors for awhile, but improve my drawing…

So I think I need to cut back on my graphics work, silly little side games… umm… I probably shouldn’t visit those snark communities for awhile or even dA or fA for awhile.  As much as I love looking at art, I need to foooocus.   I need to prioritize my time!

NaNoWriMo ’09 Winner is I!

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment

OMG. So I reached 50k last night… around 6 or so. Then I promptly fell asleep >.<

Now I have the post-NaNo shock thing going on. Which pretty much consists of feelings of: 'What do I do now?' and 'I never want to write another word of fiction ever again!'

I had a hard time with it this year. I started out going pretty well, but I had problems figuring out my ending. It's hard to write a novel when you don't know how the ending is going to go, exactly. Even now I'm turn between just plain ending the book -and- that particular story line or ending the book in a cliffhanger/lead in to another book.


Now I have to figure out what I used to do before NaNo. Other than writing.

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Finished reading the series!

Quick update: Whilst nearing some important bits during the rewrite of #1, I figured I should stop and read the other 2 books to get a good bearing for what was going on.  I knew there were details I was unsure of and such.

The the status is… #1, of course I’m working on polishing that one up for the first round.  The beginning to first quarter or so I’ve never been happy with but now I believe I’ve figured out how to make it all work.  The rest of the story seems relatively solid.

#2 I thought was going to be pretty decent.  Ha! Its much worse than I imagined.  At least the first part.  Writing quality was worse than I expected, but story-wise and such it started out pretty bad.  I took detailed notes along the way.  Its going to take quite a bit of fiddling to spiff it up.

#3 I just finished reading this one a few minutes ago.  Writing quality was better but I saw all my glaring, ugly mistakes.  Ewww.  Story-wise (if you don’t count a lot of shit I added for sake of NaNo word count) its awesome! The last half really became a page turner.  The last quarter was really engaging.  I knew it was good when I was nearing the end and I kept putting it down because I only had a few more pages to go and I just didn’t want it to end 🙂 I always do that with the best books I pick up.

So #3 won’t need nearly as much work as #2 and #1.

I still have at least one huge issue to work with.  I can probably start working with that now that I’ve read everything and its all somewhat fresh in my head and I’ve got notes.  Ironing on this huge issue shouldn’t ruin how awesome #3 is and how slightly decent #2 is.  It sholdn’t touch #1 at all.  But it is some major stuff.

So yeah… lots and lots of work.  My writing buddy and I have put soooo many hours into this world, working with these characters and working on the little details that matter in the whole picture.

Something I was glad to see was my writing quality go up.  I guess I can’t be too picky because these were written during NaNo.  But I have learned a lot about writing along the way.  So much so that I shouldn’t have to work this damn hard to clean things up in the future.

I’m really curious about #4 (picks up right were #3 left off but is a different story).  I think I probably grew a lot as a writer between #3 and #4.  (technically #4 and #5).  I -know- I must have gotten better when I read something that halfway-decent and cringe at the parts that are bad.  Its going to be a really fun one to clean up.

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The thing that no writer wants to realize…

My writing SUCKS!

Ok, so what I’ve been doing is going back and re-reading the whole Rayna’s Story thing (trilogy).  All of these were written for NaNoWriMo.

For awhile there I was thinking that the writing/plot and stuff sucked mostly for the first book and the One That Shall Not Be Named (long story but its basically #2).  Well I’ve been discussing with Whitepaws about spiffing things up now that we know a lot more after writing in Q’lanth for several years.  We know a lot about the world, what was going on with the plots, the characters, etc.

So I’ve decided that the new #2 books is actually going to be #3 (omg I just realized I’ll be missing a #3 now, wtf?).  So I started reading through the first re-write of #1 (which isn’t done) and started reading the new #2 and realizing that even the one that I thought was written a lot better is still pure drivel.  Its better… bit it still sucks.

And I -know- this is because its NaNo.  My writing quality goes down.  Because when I was reading the first rewrite of #1, which is being rewritten outside of NaNo, I found it to be very readable.  Yes, there’s loads of room for  improvement but I’m just trying to lay down the brickwork, not make a piece of art.  Making it a work of art is the -next- step 🙂

But my gods… there’s a lot of work to be done.  The story is there, the story is awesome… the characters are there and they’re awesome.  But my ability to make them read well is just not that great.

And christ on a cracker its a mess.  A huge mess. I know I’ve said this before here but I think I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


If only I had fulfilled promises to myself to clean up every NaNo novel during the year before the next NaNo, I’d be in lots better shape.  Man I wish I could get paid to work on this, it would have been done ages ago 🙂

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Character/Writer Similarities & Differences: Adrian

December 4, 2008 1 comment

Yeah, you read that right.  I’m going to list out all the similarities/differences between myself and my characters.  Why? Because its my damn blog and I’ll do with it as I please! ^-^

I’ll start from the top.  Whatever that means in this case O.o


Adrian: Alcoholic and other vices. Me: I could be easily so I’m just going to quit while I’m ahead.  And… I’m working on those other things.

Adrian: Has dark red hair. Me: Everybody says my hair is red but its -not- you fucktards! Its strawberry blond and I don’t care what color strawberries are, because my hair does not look like god damn strawberries! grrrrr!

Adrian: She gets a little worked up sometimes and flings colorful words around. Me: ….. see my response about hair color above. ^-^

Adrian: Considers it a personal duty to help her close friends. Me: I’m very dedicated to friends and sometimes just acquaintances.  I’ll spoil you rotten if you let me.

Adrian: Emotionally distant/stand offish. Me: I’ve been told as much.

Adrian: Is bi. Me: …… well I don’t discriminate ^-^


Adrian: She’s brave.  Me: I’m a pussy.

Adrian: Very smart and very well studied on many things.  Me: Smart but not that quick.  I know a little tiny bit about various things.

Adrian: Horny little devil.  Me: My sexual appetite is barely on the radar! lol

Adrian: Physically fit.  Me: Can someone open this peanut butter jar for me?

Hmm.  That’s all I can think of right now.  I had this post open for a few hours so I was digging for some of these similarities.  I’ll update this post later if I think of anything else.

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