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Vegetarian Sausages!

May 17, 2009 1 comment

Recipe from

I had to work on the colors of the pic ’cause it was looking like baby shit patties, not sausage ^-^

These came out… pretty well.  I was scared to try them :-p  I kept waiting for a male to come around because they make great guinea pigs.  But after none would show, I started nibbling on one.

This recipe uses textured vegetable protein a small variety of spices and eggs.  It could easily be vegan with an egg substitute like… flax seed oil? I could have that wrong.  I don’t remember off hand.  The texture of the mix was very strange.  It could barely hold together so I was confused about how it would work.  But frying made them stick together properly ^-^

I used a course TVP… I have a finer, I’ll have to try it next time ’cause the texture felt big… and obvious.  I guess I could always try adding a bit more water and letting it soak longer.

The taste is nearly exactly like a sausage, though! As well as the texture! Down to the chewiness and the edges being a little crispy.  So that’s pretty neat ^-^  Whats turning me off is the weak taste and this weird aftertaste like… not quite rancid, not quite bitter… I don’t know if its a spice doing that or all the oil.

I’ve never used turmiric before sooo it could have been that?

I’m eating these just dipped in ketchup but they would be soooo good in tankatsu sauce!

I’d be happy to try this again, but differently.  I’ll have to plan it out carefully.  I don’t know exactly how to change it…

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